Terms of use

  1. Our charges for the placement of the maid is ‘one month salary’ of the maid.
  2. Replacement period of the maid will be 6 months with a maximum of 3 replacement but if for any reason the client wants to cancel the contract no refund will be made.
  3. The client will check the bags, purse or any other thing that the maid is carrying before the maid enters the home and before the maid leaves the home. This is for the safety of the client.
  4. We are not responsible for any miss/wrong behavior characteristic between candidate & clients.
  5. If candidate is not finally selected after trial period of the days, then the complier has to pay salary for such days worked by maid or other staff. Any payment made to candidate the company will be not responsible for the money matter.
  6. Prior to the placement of the maid, the client has to give us the ‘job description’ of the type of work the maid needs to do and the salary offered. The client cannot make the maid do anything outside the job description nor reduce the salary of the maid. If the maid leaves because the client asked her to do anything outside the job description or due to reduction of salary then om job point will not replace the maid and neither refund the placement charges paid by the client.
  7. In case if you do not satisfy with maid work , kindly give a notice of 15 days before you release the maid so that we can find a better quality maid for you.the maid which has been sent for replacement cannot be offered less salary than the first maid. Also the job description or work required to do by the maid cannot be changed by the client. In case you wish to release the maid or the maid leaves the job and you wish to take a replacement, you need to clear the salary dues of the previous maid before a replacement is sent. In case the salary of the previous maid is not cleared to the om job point, we will not be sending a replacement.
  8. Servant will get 2days holiday in a month from customer with pay.
  9. We strongly suggest that the client does a police verification of the maid.this ensures that the maid is free of any criminal charges in the past. At any given point of time if there is any crime done by the candidate (civil or criminal), om job point would not be responsible for the same
  10. While every endeavor is made by www.omjobpoint.com to introduce satisfactory candidates to the client, it is the responsibility of the client to satisfy themselves of the suitability of an applicant before hiring them. If required the client may arrange medical examinations of the candidate prior to hiring them. www.omjobpoint.com will assist and help wherever possible to facilitate the process.
  11. Om job point will not be responsible if you choose to give any advance salary or goods to the domestic help
  12. When you hire a maid or any other candidate from om job point. It is understood that you have agreed upon the above mentioned terms even, if you have not signed the documents.
  13. The client agree that the maid will be not tortured, harass mentally & physically, if the maid leaves due to any such reason then om job point will be not replace the maid and neither refund the placement charges paid by the client.
  14. In case the maid is absent because she is unwell/family emergency or any other unforeseeable circumstances for any number of days, temporary replacement will be provided till the time maid resumes work
  15. These terms and conditions represent the agreement between the client and www.omjobpoint.com for the services offered or any help hired through www.omjobpoint.com
  16. It is important that the client reads and fully understands the terms and conditions as it establishes the working relationship between www.omjobpoint.com and the client. By signing these terms and conditions with www.omjobpoint.com it is understood that the client has agreed to the following terms & conditions:
  17. The terms domestic help / domestic worker / maids / worker / employee / candidates etc represents service providers. Please note that these service providers are in no way related to the company, neither are they employed by the company. They are independent people seeking employment / work through our platform.
  18. If the maid asks for his/her salary in advance, it is entirely the clients decision to give him/her an advance salary. In case the maid leaves and you have paid excess salary to him/her, www.omjobpoint.com will not be responsible to retrieve/refund the same.
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